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Quit like a Champion! Click here for information on how to quit smoking.

Flu Season



Click here to watch more videos about the flu.

Is it the Cold or the Flu?

Winter Preparedness


Before a Winter Storm

During a Winter Storm

After a Winter Storm

Emergency Kit

Click here for information about building your own emergency kit for extreme cold.

Stop by our office to receive an emergency kit checklist.

Family Communications Plan

Click here for to learn why making a Family Communications Plan is necessary and how to do it.

Stop by our office to receive a communications plan for kids or adults.

Winterize Your Vehicle

Click here for information about how to make your vehicle ready for winter.

Winterize Your Home

Click here for information about how to make your home ready for winter.

Know the Terms

Click here to learn important winter weather terms.

Other Resources

Click the following links to learn more about winter weather preparedness





Find Local Resources

This is a comprehensive and "ever-green" list of local and regional, as well as some state and national, resources that can be helpful to find services for families who are in need. Anger Management Counseling City, Village & Township Government Counseling Dental Clinics Developmental . . . read more

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Promote physical and mental health and prevent disease, injury and disability.

Vision Statement

Healthy People in Healthy Communities

Public Health

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